turnkey solutions for
furnishing your salon

Coordination during each project phase and continually exchanging ideas with the client are our strong points. This is why we take on the role of tutor and stay beside you when making important choices for your salon. Discover our services.

Custom project

Custom Project

Our design studio works with you to create and design your salon. It understands your needs and can satisfy your taste, interpreting and developing both with professional skill.

3D Rendering

We offer you a 3D design service, which means you can preview and admire a salon that you could only imagine until now.

Rendering 3D


Carefully selected materials, attention to detail, exclusivity and functionality. These are requests we answer thanks to a flexible combination of artisan tradition and the use of cutting edge working machinery.

Structural work

Our technical office takes care of every structural aspect of your salon, both in new and restructured buildings: flooring, false ceilings, construction work, electric and hydraulic plants.


Lighting engineering

Correct lighting in the salon makes your work easier by creating optimal lighting conditions for technical styling and washing, and an extremely comfortable environment for your clients.


A team of expert assemblers, who attend periodic training courses in the main office to guarantee maximum attention to detail, is at your disposal.

After sale assistance

After-sales support

Our consultants can answer and solve your problems, both by phone or email, at any moment. Our technicians are available for interventions in your salon whenever you need them.